COVID-19 Pandemic Information & Updates

Force Majeure Pricing and Issues Regarding Pandemic Related Products

The Covid-19 crisis has brought us unprecedented market conditions relating to Pandemic related products such as PPE and many other commodity type items like toilet tissue and paper towels, hand cleaners and sanitizers, disinfectants and many other items. Those items traditional sourced overseas have been affected across the board. Although we are seeing modest improvements in supply, we are still a long way off from being able to provide our customers with consistent supply and filling of outstanding backorders. We make every effort to secure product and when we do, we try our absolute best to allocate those products responsibly and fairly among our many customers.

To complicate this, we are now having to deal with constantly changing pricing, with little or no notice and have been forced to pass these on to our customers without prior notice. We make every effort to spot buy but most vendors have their customers like us on allocation and we are limited in what we can do to protect our customers.

We are happy to work with our customers as we negotiate through these difficult times together.

Changes to Our Delivery Policy

The Ontario Governments decision to close non essential business in light of the Covid-19 crisis has caused us to modify our delivery service. Effective April 24 will provide delivery service Tuesday to Friday weekly until further notice. Those customers who have been traditionally receiving delivery on Mondays will be looked after on Tuesday in most cases. A member of our Customer Experience Team or your Sales Rep will gladly work with you in transitioning to this reduced schedule. We look forward to returning to our normal delivery schedule once this crisis has normalized

Wholesale Outlet

As part of the Essential Service Supply Chain, G.T.French and our Wholesale Outlets remain open during this crisis. As an essential provider we remain open to the public, businesses and those with accounts. Our hours are extended to 8:30am-5:00pm Monday to Friday. Saturdays for are closed for now. A greeter will be screening customers at the door and a limited number of people will be allowed inside at one time. Our goal is to provide our customers with fast efficient service, quality products and at a fair price. We can best do this by keeping our operating costs to a minimum and partnering with our customers for their needs. 

We prefer payment by credit or debit card, but continue to accept cash.

However – if your time is valuable, we encourage our customers to give us your order in advance. We can advise you via email when your order is ready. We can even offer curbside pick-up options for those who prefer that over traditional shopping. Please make every effort to call or email your order in advance to our stores or through our Customer Experience Dept.

We continue to support the Federal and Provincial Governments initiative in fighting this virus and flattening the curve. We ask that if you have been out of the country or have symptoms of illness consistent with that of Covid-19 that you do not enter our premises. We also ask that when shopping in our Outlets to maintain a safe social distance from others in the store and to respect the store flow arrows on the floor.

We are continuing to provide heightened sanitation procedures during business hours to ensure the health and safety of our staff and customers. Thank you for your continued patronage as we navigate together through these difficult times. Stay Safe.



Niagara Falls

Head Office

G.T. French COVID-19 Statement

To Our Valued Customers, Vendors and Other Stakeholders,

Together we are facing a crisis like nothing most of us have faced in our lifetime. The COVID-19 Pandemic has challenged us in ways that has stretched our abilities to operate. The safety of our employees, customers and service providers is of the utmost concern to us.

We have adopted the recommendations of Health Canada, and have a strict policy of social distancing and limiting an individual’s potential exposure to the virus. We have encouraged our staff to work from home where feasible. We have limited our Sales Team’s customer activity. We provide recommended PPE where appropriate and when able. We have significantly increased the level of protection and sanitation throughout our entire operation. Our delivery team has been instructed to respect the pandemic measures of our customers and suppliers, and to act safely and responsibly as they work the front line as they provide our customers with essential products they need to continue to do business.

As suppliers of cleaners and disinfectants, Personal Protective Equipment and many associated products, we are committed to educating our customers and guiding them in their efforts to keep their workplace safe and protected. Our company policy is to refuse to participate in supporting suppliers who we suspect are gouging or taking advantage of the many shortages that have occurred due to the panic buying and limited supply situations.

If you or your family have been affected by the crisis, you have our heartfelt thoughts and we wish a speedy recovery. We remain in awe of those selfless front-line individuals who have performed above and beyond during this crisis. We remain supportive of both the Federal and Provincial Governments’ efforts to control the spread of the virus, and we believe that as Canadians we should be proud of our ability to act as one nation, working together to fight this common foe.

We are here to support and serve all our stakeholders for the common benefit of all. To you and yours, stay safe. G.T. French

A Message To Our Business Customers

Company policy states ‘G.T. French will provide its customers with products that meet their requirements and will ensure customer satisfaction with accurate reliable service.’

The Management Team of G.T. French has made a commitment to customers, and is dedicated to taking all of the reasonable steps to ensure a consistent supply chain.
The following procedure outlines steps G.T. French has taken and will continue to take in order to reduce the effects on the customer base in the event of severe employee shortages due to a pandemic. The Company will continuously monitor government guidelines and recommendations and update the preparedness accordingly.

1. Essential Services
a. G.T. French has identified those positions within the company which are defined as necessary to maintain specific customer service levels.
b. G.T. French has ensured adequate individuals within the company are cross-trained to perform the duties of those positions.
c. G.T. French has created a minimum number of trained employees for
those positions and has identified areas of interdepartmental coverage
requirements in the event staff levels fall below the required minimum.
d. G.T. French has identified those positions where employees may work
from home and has planned accordingly so that this may occur on a
regular schedule as required.

2. Pandemic Effect
a. G.T. French provides education and training to all employees on how to
reduce cross contamination at home.
b. G.T. French provides education and training to all employees on how to
reduce the chances of cross contamination in the workplace, and offers
opportunities for employees to wash hands and sanitize during shifts.
c. Whenever possible, G.T. French provides specific sanitation, prevention
and safety products which have been identified as effective against illness
to employees for home use, at reduced cost.
d. Whenever possible, G.T. French provides specific sanitation, prevention
and safety items (i.e. gloves, masks) which have been identified as
effective against illness to employees in the workplace for every-day use.
e. G.T. French limits the number of individuals involved in
interdepartmental contact to help reduce the spread of viruses.
f. G.T. French restricts employee entry in facilities and/or interdepartmental
contact for those individuals who show signs of illness; and will work with
public health, customers and vendors in the event of suspected cases.
g. G.T. French restricts guests from entering offices and warehouse facilities,
as well as ceases all employee participation in outside work events (such
as tradeshows) in the event of a pandemic.

h. G.T. French strongly encourages sales representatives to use technology (i.e. cell phones, Zoom) to conduct customer and vendor meetings in order
to avoid direct in-person contact.
i. G.T. French’s policy around employee travel during a pandemic will
always coincide with Provincial and Federal Government laws. This
would also pertain to employees who travel (or individuals they live with
who travel) to specific areas of the world where health advisories are in
place, however at the time Canada is situated in a designated safe zone.
Employees hosting visitors during a pandemic must report their plans to
Management in advance and may be required to work strictly from home
for a designated period of time and/or be asked to take a leave of absence.
G.T. French will always follow instruction from Public Health and the
Government in these types of circumstances.
j. G.T. French restricts employees who have tested positive for a designated
virus or other pandemic related health concern (or those who have been in
close contact with others who have been diagnosed) and asks them to
remain at home for the pre-determined amount of time. Those employees
may be asked for a doctor’s approval in writing before being allowed to
return to regular work duties at G.T. French facilities depending on the
scenario and law.

3. Core Products
a. G.T. French regularly identifies core products which are defined as
essential to the customer base.
b. G.T. French adjusts inventory levels to accommodate a sudden shortage or interruption of supply to these core products.
c. G.T. French increases stock levels of those sanitation products which are identified as effective against illness whenever possible.
d. G.T. French identifies suitable and readily available substitutions for core products in the event stock has been depleted wherever possible.
e. G.T. French ensures that vendors who supply core products have a
reasonable pandemic contingency plan in place.
f. G.T. French ensures that vendors understand the importance of continuing
the supply chain with customers, and have agreed to support in efforts to
maintain this chain.

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