90% of sites that looked clean by visual assessment were found to still contain microbial contamination.

"Adults may be able to infect others 1 day before flu symptoms develop and up to 5-7 days after becoming sick."

OptiSolve offers a revolutionary new proprietary imaging technology to reveal microbial contamination on surfaces – we make the invisible visible. Our technology is used to identify vulnerabilities (as well as encouragement when we see strengths) at the source and we subsequently provide recommendations to facilitate precision cleaning process improvements. You are undoubtedly already doing plenty in an effort to address the dangerous and potentially costly issues associated with contamination challenges but the battle is ongoing and new tools are necessary.

We have over 60 years of expertise within the cleaning industry and have a strong history of innovation. So, finding solutions for better cleaning to aid in infection prevention was important to us. In our pursuit of developing better products, we asked “How can we see if a surface has contamination”? There wasn’t an easy answer. But this changes with OptiSolve. We are now able to produce high quality images on site that proactively reveal where contamination remains before and after cleaning. We combine this with our passion and expertise of working with organizations to not only visualize results but also provide evidence-based recommendations. The outcome has improved cleaning and provided healthier spaces.

"Every dollar spent on training results in 30% gain productivity."

We believe that everyone deserves the right to live and work in clean, healthy and safe environment.  GT French provides a proactive and preventative service to validate investments in cleaning and improve procedures to help protect people from infectious pathogens. Optisolve’s proprietary Pathfinder® solution is a breakthrough in surface imaging technology. It’s not IF germs are present, but WHEN and WHERE. Know which surfaces put you at risk for infection so you can clean better and live healthier. Common infectious pathogens can live on surfaces from a few hours to several months. Are you at risk? 

Leveraging OptiSolve is a proactive approach to food safety regulatory requirements. We’ve spent several years working with a University of Toronto biomedical team developing our proprietary surface imaging technology. Unlike traditional approaches such as ATP, we actually show contamination on surfaces to facilitate precision cleaning practices and help reduce the spread of harmful pathogens. We work in all types of settings including food manufacturing and processing (to improve sanitation outcomes), healthcare (to advance infection prevention and control activities), office spaces (to keep management and staff healthy) – see sample images below of food production bladder scanner after cleaning process (otherwise believed to be sanitized), food manufacturing equipment control switch, and a keyboard (typically a grey zone item where disinfecting responsibility is ambiguous).


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Proactively plan, track, and standardize site assessments for cleaning and disinfection validation with OptiSolve SAVI® cloud-based quality management software.


Routine site assessments provide data that can include checking compliance items by visual observations as well as testing surfaces with advanced methodologies such as award-winning OptiSolve Pathfinder® imaging technology.


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Reports and dashboards communicate results for monitoring, trend-analysis, training, and continuous improvement.


Pathfinder dashboard with before and after images

Share high-level feedback with your team, managers, and customers to demonstrate and deliver clean, healthy and safe spaces.

Solutions to a Huge Problem

We live in a microbial world yet in our modern times, people have high expectations for healthy spaces. Despite great leaps in sanitation, medicine and technology, one of the top world-wide causes of death is infections. It is estimated that in North America over 100,000 people die from healthcare associated infections each year. What more could be done to help improve this huge problem? How can practitioners manage to maintain healthy spaces despite increasing infection rates and antibiotic resistant organisms?



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