An Important Message Regarding U.S. and Canadian Tariffs

Pleased be advised that due to the Canadian Government’s decision to apply tariffs to US based products in response to the US applying tariffs to steel and aluminum products entering the US from Canada, we have been forced to pass on these increased costs to our customers effective July 1, 2018. Rest assured that every effort is being made to minimize the effect that this has on our customer, and that these increases are being applied fairly and reasonably. If you have specific concerns regarding these increases please feel free to contact your G.T. French Sales rep or any member of our Customer Experience Team. We can then outline how these increases might affect you and possibly be able to offer an alternative product which hasn’t been affected. As always, we encourage our customers to buy Canadian whenever possible.
We trust that cooler heads will prevail and that a return to normal trading relations between Canada and the USA will resume sooner than later.
G.T. French
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